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Warrior Of The Light By Paulo Coelho | REVIEW

By October 29, 2015Art, Business, Uncategorized

Another masterpiece by Paulo Coelho, most definitely wouldn’t say it’s my favourite book of his, but it is just as RELEVANT to me as his others. That may not make much sense, but I have a theory about Paulo Coelho’s books.

I think you have to read each one at the right time!

I have had many friends who have said they didn’t really like “The Alchemist”(my favourite book of all time), my response has always been “read it again another time…..* insert wise face* when, your ready”. Many of these friends, including my wife, have returned after a re-read to tell me how much more they enjoyed it second time round and found the material more relevant.

So “Warrior Of Light” is a book, that I read at a time, which the content was most relevant to me, making it a better read I assume than if I had read it maybe a year or two ago.

Warrior of the light, is quite a peculiar book as it doesn’t actually follow a narrative. It’s self described as “short notes on accepting failure, embracing life and rising to your destiny”. To put it in a modern context the book is basically what I would describe as a collection of Facebook or twitter posts formulated into a novel. I can imagine, if Paulo had twitter in 1997, these are passages he would have posted/tweeted every morning. This statement is by no means meant to trivialise the content of the novel, more so to emphasis how much of a simple read it is.

See told you it was as simple as a Facebook post.

See told you it was as simple as a Facebook post.

The only constant through the book is the continued reference to the “Warrior Of The Light”. A warrior of the light, which many of the readers, including myself would probably identify. Is essentially any person striving to find the best within themselves and make the most out of their life. The examples of the difficulties a warrior of the light faces, shows the the reader that your greatness is essentially, not trumped by your failings or your imperfections.

The book makes you realise that it is ok to be HUMAN, to fall down, but not to stay down. With me personally at a time where I may have doubted my abilities or strengths it reinforces the fact that failures and shortcomings are apart of any journey you embark on.

The book is a series of pages you could read independently of each other every morning and still find strength and power in the words

Disclaimer: This is my first ever book review and I should get better progressively, but bear with me.

UOSB ratings: 7/10 (Wish it I had been longer).

You can purchase “Warrior OF The Light” here: http://fave.co/1jVevUo


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