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Suli Breaks Bio

Suli Breaks is a London-based poet, storyteller and creative writer known for his impactful work in the realms of education, entrepreneurship, and creative storytelling. With a solid online presence and a career that gained broader appeal after his viral video "Why I Hate School but Love Education" garnered 10 million views in 2012, Suli has established himself as a sought-after speaker, performer and writer.

London, poet, artist, creative

Suli Breaks has received recognition and endorsements from numerous celebrities, most notably Will Smith, who personally requested to have breakfast with Suli after being moved by his poem “I will not let an exam result decide my fate.” His TEDxHousesofParliament speech, viewed over 300,000 times, showcases his ability to captivate audiences with his words.

His reputation as a powerful speaker has led to invitations to prestigious events such as the United Nations National Commonwealth Day, where he performed in the presence of the late Queen Elizabeth II. He has also delivered keynotes for Google, The Times, and various institutions worldwide, covering topics ranging from artistic inspiration to empowering creatives to embrace entrepreneurship.

London, poet, artist, creative

Suli Breaks has curated brand relationships with renowned companies, including NASA, Microsoft, Intel, Tag Heuer and Santander.

In the realm of music, Suli Breaks has demonstrated his versatility as a poet by collaborating on projects with renowned artists. Notably, he contributed to Kasabian’s fifth studio album, “48.13,” which reached number one on the charts in 2014. He also appeared on Faithless’ first studio album in over 20 years, showcasing his talent in the British electronic music scene.

With a collective social media following of over half a million people, Suli Breaks has become a notable figure online. He writes a weekly newsletter and writes for Apple Music.

London, poet, artist, creative

In addition to his poetic endeavours, Suli Breaks has also made significant contributions as an angel investor in multiple start-ups and is actively involved in the creative techneco-system. He has developed close relationships with esteemed firms like LocalGlobe, and his participation in the first cohort of the Newton venture program further demonstrates his dedication to fostering innovation.

Suli’s work extends to the world of start-ups, where he collaborates closely with entrepreneurs, offering his expertise in creative storytelling. His keynotes on creative entrepreneurship have reached students worldwide, inspiring them to embrace their creative talents while pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ultimately, Suli Breaks aspires to inspire a generation of children to strive for greatness, regardless of their personal circumstances. He envisions revolutionizing poetry and creating a universally recognizable brand in the process, all while imagining, sketching, and realizing his dreams.

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