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Suli Breaks is deeply committed to helping brands harness the power of storytelling to captivate audiences and drive their online presence. Recognizing the crucial role narratives play in shaping perceptions and fostering connections, he has dedicated his expertise to teaching entrepreneurs the art of storytelling.

Creative Campaigns

With his multidisciplinary approach, Suli guides brands in leveraging their unique stories to establish a compelling brand identity and engage with their target audience. Through creative campaigns and workshops, he empowers entrepreneurs to communicate their visions effectively, enabling them to stand out in today’s competitive digital landscape.


In this document, we will be discussing the main points or keynotes that should be considered. These keynotes play a crucial role, as they help to highlight what is important and what needs to be focused on. By paying attention to the keynotes, we can ensure that we are not missing out on any important details or ideas. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that the keynotes may vary depending on the context or subject matter, so it is always a good idea to be aware of the specific keynotes that apply to any given situation.


Suli’s workshops not only provide practical discussions on entrepreneurship but also incorporate artistic inspiration. By blending the two, he offers start-ups a well-rounded perspective on building successful ventures, where storytelling serves as the foundation for their brand narrative and growth.


Suli Breaks’ voice and original writing have contributed to multiple campaigns. Collaboratively, he has worked with brands to creatively write and communicate their visions.

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